Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Candles By Victoria August Sale Review Part 2

Goodness Mondays are absolutely horrible! But we all know what makes bad days better.... delicious candles! The second part of my order is bakery, fruity, drink, and customer create a scents. So lets get to it so we can boost our moods together!


Bear Claws- This will always be in our home in some shape or form because everyone loves it! Even the three year old! The first note that hits me first it that sweet, creamy caramel-y dough note. Don't let the yeast scent get to you because this mellows out so much once you put it on the burner. The middle note is a light nuttiness with raisins and for me the I do seem to pick up a very light sweet cinnamon at the end. The cinnamon isn't in the description so it may just be me.

Caramelized Pralines- Another top in our home. We all love Victoria's nutty scents and I did get a few in this order! Sweet, creamy, caramelized nuts. I pick up a cashew or pecan if you want to get specific on what kind of nut. ;oD  This is amazing and a must try!

Fair Day- I'm a sucker for any caramel apple scent and this is just as yummy as Victoria's caramel apple and spellbound. It's not quite as creamy as caramel apple or spellbound and seems to be a lot sweeter than both as well. But it's still good, and depending on how sweet you want your scent, I think it's a great idea to have all three!

Fudge Brownie- On cold throw, this smells like gooey brownie batter before I put them in the oven. This is the first time I've had this one so I can't wait to see what it smells like warm! I see this being a great mixer as well... maybe with a little marshmallow campfire and caramelized pralines to make some rocky road fudge or with peanut butter and banana and granny's pie crust to make a banana fudge peanut butter pie. Mmmmmm!

Honey Spice Cake- despite the name, I smell no honey which is a good thing! This is a great cinnamon-y cake with sweet caramel and a slight hint of pumpkin and gingerbread. This is the first scent shot I ever melted from Candles By Victoria and has been a favorite since!

Honey Vanilla Love Dust- One of the newer fragrances and I wasn't sure if I was going to like this. Everyone said it was the sexiest thing they've smelled. Even sexier than Johnny Depp, Ha! But this scent really is amazing. I make a shortbread bar smeared with peanut butter and then topped with chocolate butter cream frosting. This reminds me of my homemade chocolate butter cream icing I'm obsessed with. It's divine!

Marshmallow Campfire- a yummy creamy vanilla marshmallow with that wonderful campfire scent. Great for mixing or by its self. I love this with trick or treat.

Orange Clove- This is probably my favoritest (Yup, new word) scent from this order. It reminds me of the spiced tea/ Russian tea we make every fall and winter. I wanted to cry when I smelled this. I'll be purchasing this in the cube candle for sure.

Pink Cupcake- This is a cupcake smell, but I think I need to let it cure just a bit longer. I does smell yummy so I'm sure this one will get a lot better with a little time and warmed.

Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread- This one is in my top three fall scents. A perfect blend of pumpkin, apple, sweet cinnamon, and bread. Perfection!

Pumpkin Cider- Smells extremely similar to apple cider because of the spices but with a slightly different sweetness because of the pumpkin. A great spin on a classic.

Pumpkin Pear Strudel- Wow this one is yummy too. A wonderful sweet fall fragrance. Sweet pumpkin with juicy pear and a very mild yeast-y dough note. The spice is wonderfully balanced and not overwhelming at all.

Pumpkin Pralines- Another top three scent for fall. Caramelized Pralines with yummy creamy pumpkin. If you're not a fan of spice, this is a fantastic one.

Spiced Pumpkin Chutney- I definitely get a creamy pumpkin with spicy cinnamon and clove and an underlying note of citrus zest. This is a great spicy pumpkin fragrance if that's what you're looking for!

Spiced Vanilla- a red hot cinnamon with a creamy vanilla. This would be a good mixer to use if you wanted a slightly toned down cinnamon.

Strawberry Danish- Another top 10 scent that I will always have. It is so unique and amazing and awesome. Everyone should try this scent at least once. The salty dough with yummy strawberry is so cozy and comforting. We all love this one here!

Vanilla Maple Pecan- I would put this one in the same category as granny's pie crust. It would be a great mixer as well as using it by itself. It's a sweet, creamy, slightly nutty scent. I picture the crust of a pecan pie when I sniff.


Apples and Oaks- An excellent sweet apple scent. I picture an oak barrel on the front porch of a country store on an apple orchard filled with ripe yummy Macintosh apples. This is one of my favorite apple scents and would be great for fall. There is absolutely no spice in this what so ever.

Cranberry Relish- This has jumped to the top of my favorite fruity scent list!  The apples sweeten this so it's not as tart as fresh cranberries. This is very pretty and very delicious.

Enchanted Apple- I would probably love this if I wasn't pregnant but right now my nose does not like it. I smell a strong perfume-y apple. I think it is the mix of citrus lime and peach that give it this smell to me. I do get a very faint green smell with the apple. It kind of reminds me of an overly sweet apple body wash. But let me just say that my husband loved this one. I will be sniffing again once I'm not pregnant anymore to see if my opinion changes.

Macintosh Apple- The best juicy, crisp, sweet, realistic apple scent ever. Absolutely amazing yall. Go get this one!


Apple Cider- An extremely spicy cinnamon with apples. There is a little tartness at the end but I like it. This is good but I do think there could be a touch more apple.

Chai Tea- Wow, this is good. Brewed tea with a very mellow cinnamon and honey. Very comforting and relaxing. I will be burning this once it cools down outside a little more. So nice and everyone should give this a go!

Mint Tea- A wonderful mint scent. Reminds me of Celestial Seasonings mint tea. Very nice.

Customer Creations:

Autumn Apple- Another one in my top scents for fall. The autumn leaves in here mellows the cinnamon in the apple cider scent to bring the apple more to the top of fragrance. This is what I imagine it would smell like if I was still living in the Appalachian mountains on a cool Autumn day while drinking a tall glass of apple cider. LOVE THIS!

A Hunk, A Hunk of Burning Nuts- Ok, I love this name, it's awesome. I smell banana. chunky peanut butter, and caramel. This is Elvis ( banana and peanut butter) and caramelized pralines. The pralines scent I think mixes with the peanut butter to give it a "chunky" smell. The caramel and banana makes this scent creamy as well. Awesome!

Eskimo Kisses- This scent is spearmint and vanilla bean noel. The vanilla bean noel really mellows the spearmint and makes it very creamy and sweet. This is so nice and if you're a fan of sweet snow, you'll probably like this one as well!

Sticky Toffeecorn- This is my second favorite customer creation right behind Autumn Apple. Once again, I love her nutty scents!!! This is Kettle Corn and Caramelized Pralines. It smells like caramel smothered popcorn with sweet nuts. Holy Moly I love it, this totally belongs in the realm of Victoria's Circus themed scents.

Under The Big Top- Strawberry, cotton candy, and a touch of nuts is what is in this one. I'm not a big fruity person, but I will be purchasing this one again for my daughter's room. It's so "bright" smelling with a super sweet strawberry with just a few nuts. Mmmmm...

Under The Harvest Moon- I have discovered that my nose just does not like they scent Why I Autumn. I so wanted to love this but all I smell is spicy powder. Yes, I know very weird. I'm nervous to burn it, but I will definitely have to and let you know how I like it warm. This scent is Why I Autumn and Leaves Type. I hope Leaves type comes out more when warm.

This will conclude my second part of my review for my August sale order. I'm going to do one more post on my adorable sweet treat candle and a little blurb about scoop some scent. Let me know if yall decide to try some of the scents or if you already have and how you liked them! I hope you guys are having an amazing Tuesday!

facebook group: cbv addicts unite

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Candles By Victoria August Sale Review Part 1

I received this order on Friday and wanted to let them set for a little bit. It's really hot here so a lot of them smell like plastic because of the containers. I had to let them cool off instead of warm up this time! This will be done in two or three parts so the post doesn't get too long. I'll start with the ones that will probably be put to the side for another couple of months....

Christmas Scents:

Christmas Cabin- the first thing I smell is a sweeter berry smell with a middle note of cinnamon. The cinnamon isn't overpowering at all, just a sprinkle. The bottom note seems to be a citrus-y orange scent. Very nice!

Charlie Brown Christmas- I've had this one before but right now, I do get more the bread note with cinnamon and orange. The vanilla mellows out the cinnamon in this one so it's not so in your face.

Christmas Kitchen- the cinnamon is more prominent with a creamy pumpkin and slight orange note.

Christmas Lane- A sweet apple with woody and tree notes. The description says balsam, fir, and pine but it's not that pine sol smell. It's sweetened by the apples and is more reminiscent of sugared spruce than Christmas tree.The bottom note is mostly clove with just a pinch of cinnamon. A very unique take on the traditional spicy apple scent.

Christmas Memories- I smell mostly sugared spruce and cranberries. The orange is there it's just very light.

Holiday Wassail- Cider is definitely the first note but it is sweetened by pineapple. The spices are there but the citrus mellows it out nicely. May be a good choice for you if apple cider was too strong on the cinnamon and clove.

Let It Snow- It may just be my hormones but I totally teared up when I smelled this. It reminded me of the Christmas my family and I spent in Wisconsin. This will ALWAYS be in my collection! The scent description says it is eucalyptus and cinnamon on a bed of peppermint. It's a cooled down chilly type of scent with a mellow cinnamon. This one is in my top 10 for sure.

Mistletoe- I've also have had this one as well...When smelling this I picture ripe oranges and cinnamon sticks nestled into a centerpiece fir and balsam branches. Not a red hot cinnamon at all. Very purdy, and also a favorite... probably top 25.

Old Fashion Christmas- the first thing I get is pine (I wasn't a fan of Christmas Tree so this scent stuck out first) with cinnamon. I'm hoping the citrus will come out more when it has cured more and is melted.

Sweet Snow- This is a must have for my migraines. It's peppermint mellowed with vanilla. Absolutely divine and will have you wishing for snow for sure!

Warm Christmas Splendor- Another amazing peppermint scent with the addition of spices. There's also vanilla in this one so it tones down the spices so they don't overwhelm the peppermint.

Winter Snowflake- Peppermint and pine all the way. This is my all time favorite of Victoria's pine scents. I still prefer sugared spruce but this is awesome as well.

Earthy, Floral, Perfume:

Autumn Leaves- Another favorite, that truly smells like wet leaves on a crisp fall morning. Top 15 and a must have.

Camping with Candleman- I decided to get this one because campfire was discoed. I do get a slight cologne smell but it is very pleasant. I'm not sure how but I do smell something that reminds me of water of some sort. Almost like a lake surrounded by different forest trees on a dewy night.

Crackling Birch- Very different from anything else I have smelled in a candle and almost reminds me of this axe body wash my husband used to use. It has a cooling effect to me and smells what I imagine dried logs and bark would smell on an icy cold winters day.

Egyptian Musk- I have realized musks are some of my favorite scents. This is absolutely gorgeous! Kind of reminds me of a note in Sexy in Stilettos. An amazing sexy bedroom scent.

Frankincense & Myrrh- Another surprise for me. I strongly dislike anything that smells like incense... it's an instant headache. But this is an awesome mellow, slightly sweet, musky scent. It does remind me of the Renaissance Festival we have every year in the fall. If you want something unique and different for the autumn season, consider this one!

Lily of the Valley- This one is very hard for me to describe because it is such a heavy floral scent. I was hoping it would smell like the pink asiatic lilies which is my all time favorite flower. Needless to say, I haven't found that in this scent. It has a very powdery soapy smell to it and is overpowering to my nose. But if you like florals give it a go, you may love it!

Sugared Spruce- Another top 15 scent for me. The perfect balsam fir Christmas tree scent. Very sweet, with a slight sharp note to it. A must have during winter and Christmas!

Vanilla Cedar- Sweet woodiness. Since I have had hamsters gerbils in the past, it reminds me of the bedding I used to use in their cages. But don't let that deter you... It's a clean earthy scent that is sweetened by the vanilla.

Vanilla Sandalwood- Another sweet fresh scent, with a slight musky undertone. I LOVE this one as well and would probably burn this while cleaning in the fall or reading with the windows open while the sun is setting. I know, crazy but hey, I never said I made sense!

White Ginger- Holy moly! If I wasn't already pregnant I would have totally of used this to seduce my husband. The members on the message board weren't kidding.... This is a baby making machine of a scent!
This floral is absolutely perfect! Very sweet, with just the teeny tiniest bit of spice. A must have for everyone! Top favorite for sure from this order.

House Blends:

Cranberry Peppermint- Fruity sweet and tart cranberries with peppermint. Deliciousness!

Kimono Silk- An interesting fragrance that's reminiscent of Sexy in Stilettos or Cleopatra's Closet. Every time I smell it, I get a slightly different fruit smell. The rose in this is so mild it accents the fruit nicely and of course I'm loving anything that has musk in it! Another good one for the bedroom, probably in the spring and summer  months.

Star of Bethlehem- Holy moly again! Loving this take on orange and clove. A great blend I believe of Victoria's orange clove and Frankincense & Myrrh. Divine and wonderful for fall, winter, and the holidays! Another Favorite!

Under The Big Top- I will always have this in my house for my children's room especially. I would love to take a bite out of this! Smells like sweet strawberry sugar with a touch of caramel-y nuts. I'm crazy about this scent! I'm not huge on fruity type scents but WOW!!

All of the above scents were purchased in scent shot form. It's a great way to try new scents at a great price.
I did purchase one Scoop Some Scent that can be included here and it was in Cleopatra's Closet. One of the most amazing musk and feminine scents ever! This is the scent that made me realize I love musk and sweet florals. A definite must have for me! For those that do not know, Scoop Some Scent is 16 oz. of whipped wax that melts very quickly even in lower wattage warmers. It even comes with an adorable wooden scoop! Pictures will be included in part 2 with what I consider my specialty candles of this order.

I was going to include the four top shelf scent shot I got but to be honest with you, I'm not too crazy about the scents right now. I'm going to let the cure for a couple of weeks to a month and then post a review of them.

Wow that was quite a bit! I believe that's all I'm going to do for part one and I hope you guys try some of these amazing scents. The more I try, the more I fall in love with Candles By Victoria as a company. The best quality, the best customer service, and the best members ever. Please give this company a go if you haven't already. You will not be disappointed!

www.candlesbyvictoria.com (website)
www.cbvictoria.proboards.com (message board)
-also join the group cbv addicts unite on facebook! The page is up and going 24/7 and is so much fun!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Candles By Victoria 20% Off August Order!

My earlier post where I plotted for the sale has totally changed! I decided to post what I actually did order so yall know what I'll be reviewing in about a month! And let me just say that I am really excited for this order since I haven't gotten to order since about February....

Scoop Some Scent: Vanilla After Dark (Black Dot), Cleopatra's Closet (clear)

Create A Scent: Jandre's Harvest Moon (Pumpkin Cider + Apples And Oaks, in Burgundy)

Sweet Treat Candle: Pumpkin Cheesecake

Top Shelf Scent Shots: Earthquake, Godfather, Moulin Rouge, Alabama Slamma

Scent Shots: Bear Claws*, Caramelized Pralines*, Fair Day, Fudge Brownie, Honey Spice Cake*, Honey Vanilla Love Dust, Marshmallow Campfire*, Orange Clove, Pink Cupcake, Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread*, Pumpkin Cider, Pumpkin Pear Strudel, Pumpkin Pralines*, Spiced Pumpkin Chutney, Spiced Vanilla, Strawberry Danish*, Vanilla Maple Pecan, Apples And Oaks, Cranberry Relish, Enchanted Apple,
Macintosh Apple, White Ginger, Autumn Leaves*, Camping With Candleman, Crackling Birch, Frankincense & Myrrh, Sugared Spruce*, Vanilla Cedar, Vanilla Sandalwood, Apple Cider, Chai Tea, Mint Tea, Egyptian Musk, Cranberry Peppermint, Kimono Silk, Under The Big Top, Under The Harvest Moon, A Hunk, A Hunk of Burning Nuts, Autumn Apple*, Eskimo Kisses, Sticky Toffeecorn, Charlie Brown Christmas*, Christmas Cabin, Christmas Lane, Christmas Kitchen, Christmas Memories, Holiday Wassail, Let It Snow, Mistletoe*, Old Fashion Christmas, Star Of Bethlehem, Sweet Snow, Warm Christmas Splendor, and Winter Snowflake
*-already tried and love!

Holy moly I do believe this is my biggest order to date. I decided against candles since I have a three year old and there is a very good chance that I could go into labor around Christmas time. I want to keep flames to a minimum for the time being. ;o) I am most definitely positive that this should last me all of fall and all of winter (including the stash I already have).

I'll post a review of what I receive... I'm super duper excited!!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Holy Grail Scent From Candles By Victoria

Today was the day I finally broke down and couldn't resist the urge of Strawberry Danish any longer. "What is Strawberry Danish?", you may ask... well it's one of the most devine, yummy, delicious scents I have ever smelled in candle form. It's a strawberry, doughy, salty type of smell that is so unique in a candle and I have not seen it from anyone else. I've been hoarding the last little bit of my candle until I can place another order.. which will be August 1st (woohooo!).

Makeupbyem1ly on the message board melted this scent a few days in a row this week and is the reason I brought this scent back out. It originally did not make it into my plot for my next order, but now it is at the top of the list. Thanks a bunch! ;o)

Anyways, this scent is really worth checking out if you are interested in a unique bakery scent. I do not see myself ever being without it again. If you do not see yourself liking this scent, don't worry! Victoria has over 700 different scents you can choose from. WOW! I know that 700 scents can sound daunting and can overwhelm a lot of people (it did me at first), check out The Pouring Pot message board. Everyone on the board are awesome and willing to help out in any way. Stop by, you won't be disappointed!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Late Night, Can't Sleep Breakdown Of My Favorite Scents The Past Few Months

I find it amazing how much hormones can mess with your system and throw you all out of whack. So I wanted to do a kind of "Preggers Loves" for my Candles By Victoria scents. I'm sure you will see a sort of pattern to the scents I like right now, because they all sort of go together in one way or another.

My number 1 right now which is shocking is Autumn Leaves. I liked it last year when it first came out but now when I smell it all I can do is say, "Mmmmmmm."

Bear Claws, Honey Spice Cake, Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread, Vanilla After Dark, Marshmallow Campfire, Carrot Cake Orange Delight, Apple Cobbler, Pumpkin Chocolate, Pumpkin Pralines, Cajun Cornbread, and Apple Jack N Peel are favorite bakery scents.

Fruit Scents are few and far between at the moment... Cantaloupe, Blushing Peaches, and Apple Pomegranate. I love these but as of right now all I want to do with them is smell them on cold throw. I don't even want to warm these.

For House Blends I still love Sexy In Stilettos, Trick or Treat, and Tomahawk Memories.

Charlie Brown Christmas, Mistletoe, Peppermint Bark, Sweet Snow, Sugared Spruce and Snow Drift Berries round out my Holiday Scents.

Other scents I'm loving are Bergamot & Herbal Mint, Cleopatra's Closet, and Enchanted Forest.

I also came up with two create a scents that I instantly had to burn and try out.
-Autumn Leaves and Sugared Spruce which I plan on calling either Autumn Wreath or Holiday Wreath. This scent brings back a fond memory of the first holiday season my husband I were together and went to pick out our tree and wreath. This one is YUMMY.
-Bergamot & Herbal Mint and Peppermint Bark which I can happily call Andes Mints. This to me is the candy in candle form. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.

I still have many choices to choose from but I'm disliking the fact the my "Can't Live Without Them" from before I was pregnant will have to be pushed to the back for the next five months. Hello Dolly, Granny's Pie Crust, Caramel Apple, Spellbound, Monster Mash will sadly sit on the back of the shelf until I can whip them out and smell them again.

A lot of the scents I am loving are Fall/Winter Scents and warm cozy comforting bakery scents with very few exceptions.

I can't wait to place my next order so I can stock up on some of these favorites.

Hope yall enjoyed this list, I thought it was kind of different and interesting. Maybe now I catch a few hours of sleep before the little one gets up!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Upcoming Candles By Victoria Order!

Holy moly has it been a long time or what?!?! This year has been so hectic with so many ups and downs and quite a bit of heartache. Quick update.... I got married in January and went to Gatlinburg, TN for our honeymoon which was amazing... My daughter turned three *tear, tear*... a month after her birthday my husband's grandmother passed away which was very difficult. Soon after her passing, my husband and I both decided to quit smoking (yayyy!) and haven't picked up another cigarette in almost four months! A month after we quit we found out the our Danni girl is going to be a big sister! My due date is Jan. 10th, and hopefully (if baby cooperates) we'll find out the sex on August 6th. And this is just the high points....

Anyways, on to what this post is really about, CANDLES!! I have discovered that my nose has changed so much due to the pregnancy that a lot of my, "Can't live without" scents smell absolutely horrible. It was heartbreaking. The scents that I have been craving, lusting after, and obsessing over are fall/winter scents. Guess it couldn't be a better time of the year for this to happen. Because of this, I have a hefty wishlist of scents I would like to stock up on and I'm trying to be a good girl and wait until the beginning of August. We'll see what happens.

On to the list!:

8 oz candles:
apple cobbler*                                       mistletoe*                              bear claws*
pumpkin pralines                                    sugared spruce*                     marshmallow campfire*
autumn leaves*                                       peppermint bark*                  vanilla after dark
trick or treat*                                         winter snowflake                    cranberry brulee
apple cider*                                           christmas cabin                      
orange clove                                           christmas memories
pumpkin cider                                      
spiced pumpkin chutney

Black Label Top Shelf:
Alabama Slamma

22 oz tureens:
pumpkin apple cinnamon bread- orange/red glitter*
charlie brown christmas- gold/silver*

(*)- scents I have tried and absolutely love and would recommend for fall/winter

Wow, that was a lot of planning but my husband and daughter approve and helped sniff out the goodys. I will do a review once I receive that glorious box from the ups man.

What are some of yall's loves and must haves for the fall/winter seasons? I would love to hear yall's opinions!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Candle Review Coming Soon!!

I finally broke down and had to order some more candles from Candles By Victoria. :o/ It really is like an addiction... Anyways I'll have to put up a review of what I ordered (30 scent shots and a jar of hearts) as soon as it gets here. I can't wait!!! <3 <3