Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Holy Grail Scent From Candles By Victoria

Today was the day I finally broke down and couldn't resist the urge of Strawberry Danish any longer. "What is Strawberry Danish?", you may ask... well it's one of the most devine, yummy, delicious scents I have ever smelled in candle form. It's a strawberry, doughy, salty type of smell that is so unique in a candle and I have not seen it from anyone else. I've been hoarding the last little bit of my candle until I can place another order.. which will be August 1st (woohooo!).

Makeupbyem1ly on the message board melted this scent a few days in a row this week and is the reason I brought this scent back out. It originally did not make it into my plot for my next order, but now it is at the top of the list. Thanks a bunch! ;o)

Anyways, this scent is really worth checking out if you are interested in a unique bakery scent. I do not see myself ever being without it again. If you do not see yourself liking this scent, don't worry! Victoria has over 700 different scents you can choose from. WOW! I know that 700 scents can sound daunting and can overwhelm a lot of people (it did me at first), check out The Pouring Pot message board. Everyone on the board are awesome and willing to help out in any way. Stop by, you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Late Night, Can't Sleep Breakdown Of My Favorite Scents The Past Few Months

I find it amazing how much hormones can mess with your system and throw you all out of whack. So I wanted to do a kind of "Preggers Loves" for my Candles By Victoria scents. I'm sure you will see a sort of pattern to the scents I like right now, because they all sort of go together in one way or another.

My number 1 right now which is shocking is Autumn Leaves. I liked it last year when it first came out but now when I smell it all I can do is say, "Mmmmmmm."

Bear Claws, Honey Spice Cake, Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread, Vanilla After Dark, Marshmallow Campfire, Carrot Cake Orange Delight, Apple Cobbler, Pumpkin Chocolate, Pumpkin Pralines, Cajun Cornbread, and Apple Jack N Peel are favorite bakery scents.

Fruit Scents are few and far between at the moment... Cantaloupe, Blushing Peaches, and Apple Pomegranate. I love these but as of right now all I want to do with them is smell them on cold throw. I don't even want to warm these.

For House Blends I still love Sexy In Stilettos, Trick or Treat, and Tomahawk Memories.

Charlie Brown Christmas, Mistletoe, Peppermint Bark, Sweet Snow, Sugared Spruce and Snow Drift Berries round out my Holiday Scents.

Other scents I'm loving are Bergamot & Herbal Mint, Cleopatra's Closet, and Enchanted Forest.

I also came up with two create a scents that I instantly had to burn and try out.
-Autumn Leaves and Sugared Spruce which I plan on calling either Autumn Wreath or Holiday Wreath. This scent brings back a fond memory of the first holiday season my husband I were together and went to pick out our tree and wreath. This one is YUMMY.
-Bergamot & Herbal Mint and Peppermint Bark which I can happily call Andes Mints. This to me is the candy in candle form. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.

I still have many choices to choose from but I'm disliking the fact the my "Can't Live Without Them" from before I was pregnant will have to be pushed to the back for the next five months. Hello Dolly, Granny's Pie Crust, Caramel Apple, Spellbound, Monster Mash will sadly sit on the back of the shelf until I can whip them out and smell them again.

A lot of the scents I am loving are Fall/Winter Scents and warm cozy comforting bakery scents with very few exceptions.

I can't wait to place my next order so I can stock up on some of these favorites.

Hope yall enjoyed this list, I thought it was kind of different and interesting. Maybe now I catch a few hours of sleep before the little one gets up!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Upcoming Candles By Victoria Order!

Holy moly has it been a long time or what?!?! This year has been so hectic with so many ups and downs and quite a bit of heartache. Quick update.... I got married in January and went to Gatlinburg, TN for our honeymoon which was amazing... My daughter turned three *tear, tear*... a month after her birthday my husband's grandmother passed away which was very difficult. Soon after her passing, my husband and I both decided to quit smoking (yayyy!) and haven't picked up another cigarette in almost four months! A month after we quit we found out the our Danni girl is going to be a big sister! My due date is Jan. 10th, and hopefully (if baby cooperates) we'll find out the sex on August 6th. And this is just the high points....

Anyways, on to what this post is really about, CANDLES!! I have discovered that my nose has changed so much due to the pregnancy that a lot of my, "Can't live without" scents smell absolutely horrible. It was heartbreaking. The scents that I have been craving, lusting after, and obsessing over are fall/winter scents. Guess it couldn't be a better time of the year for this to happen. Because of this, I have a hefty wishlist of scents I would like to stock up on and I'm trying to be a good girl and wait until the beginning of August. We'll see what happens.

On to the list!:

8 oz candles:
apple cobbler*                                       mistletoe*                              bear claws*
pumpkin pralines                                    sugared spruce*                     marshmallow campfire*
autumn leaves*                                       peppermint bark*                  vanilla after dark
trick or treat*                                         winter snowflake                    cranberry brulee
apple cider*                                           christmas cabin                      
orange clove                                           christmas memories
pumpkin cider                                      
spiced pumpkin chutney

Black Label Top Shelf:
Alabama Slamma

22 oz tureens:
pumpkin apple cinnamon bread- orange/red glitter*
charlie brown christmas- gold/silver*

(*)- scents I have tried and absolutely love and would recommend for fall/winter

Wow, that was a lot of planning but my husband and daughter approve and helped sniff out the goodys. I will do a review once I receive that glorious box from the ups man.

What are some of yall's loves and must haves for the fall/winter seasons? I would love to hear yall's opinions!