Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a... Highly Scented Holiday Season! Candles By Victoria Holiday Scent Review

I love this time of year, seeing my daughter get excited about Santa coming to visit, decorating the house, and baking lots of goodies to share with friends and family. But there's one thing I always have on hand during the holiday season and that's holiday scented candles! They put the final touch on the over all feel of the season and warms up my home nicely.

This is my first order of holiday scents and I do see at least one more order in my future to stock up on seasonal candles but this is what I have right now....

Charlie Brown Christmas: If there is one scent that I believe everyone should have this time of year, it would be this scent right here. The first thing I smell is a lovely mild cinnamon scent with zesty orange peel. Followed by a sweet sugary vanilla smell with clove. The bread note is something I cant quite smell but I'm sure it will come out when I melt it. The description says it has raspberry in it but I pick up an almost cranberry like smell instead. The deep red almost maroon color puts the final touch on this amazing scent. It's absolute perfect!

Sugared Spruce: This scent is the best Christmas tree smell I have come across yet. It's a sweetened pine smell and reminds me of my most favorite kind of Christmas tree, the Frasier Fir. When smelling this scent I get the wonderful image of going tree hunting with my fiancee and running my fingers through the needles of the trees. It's so realistic that I almost feel I can skip on the Christmas wreath and use this to scent my home with the scent of Christmas tree! It's very strong so be careful in small spaces.

Cookies for Santa: This scent is wonderful! I smell snicker doodle cookies for sure. It's a sweet sugar cookie smell with a dash of cinnamon. The cinnamon is not overpowering at all and in fact takes the back seat to sugar cookie smell. A wonderful bakery scent for this time of year. I can see this one being a medium throw  but still very noticeable.

Christmas Tree: This was my free scent shot in my very first order. All I can really smell is pine sol cleaner. Maybe if I was to mix this with a sweeter scent it would be more bearable for me. But if I was to do that, I would just purchase Sugared Spruce instead! This is my least favorite holiday scent I have received.

Peppermint Bark: Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark Squares all the way! It's the perfect blend of peppermint and chocolate. The description for this names white chocolate which I do get when smell it but it almost smells like dark chocolate too. On first sniff, I picture Ghiradelli squares but when finishing up the sniff you get that almost dark chocolate smell which reminds me more of Snyder's Peppermint Chocolate Pretzel Sandwiches without the salty pretzel smell. Either way, it's a wonderful peppermint bark scented candle.

Christmas Buttered Rum: This to me smells like a very warm butter smell with a hint of sugared caramel. In other words a warm, sweet butter smell. It's very nice and is a great change from all of the spiced scents for this time of year. Reminds me of Werther's hard candy.

Holly Berry: I love this scent of cinnamon, clove, and oranges which is sweetened just a touch with vanilla. This is perfectly balanced and not overly cinnamon-y or spiced. Love this one a lot!

Mistletoe: This is very similar to Holly berry but has a lot more orange to it. The spices take a backseat to the citrus-y smell. Also a great scent. If you want more spice I would go with Holly berry. If you would rather have something more fruity and citrus-y Mistletoe would be a better way to go.

Sweet Snow: Very strong peppermint smell. At the very end you do get a vanilla smell which sweetens the peppermint and tones it down just a little bit. I love this and think it is perfect for not only Christmas but winter in general. I can't wait for it to snow to burn this one!

Snow Drift Berries: Wow! If you love fruity scents but don't want something tropical or summer smelling this is the way to go. There's no spice at all, just a strawberry and raspberry smell that seems almost "spritzed" with a light peppermint spray. At the very end, you do get a light pine smell, but it's extremely light and does not give this scent a cleaner smell at all. Amazing and so unique!

I love all of the scents I received in this Christmas order with the exception of Christmas Tree. If I had to pick only three to purchase again they would be Charlie Brown Christmas, Snow Drift Berries, and Sugared Spruce. I have a feeling that I may be trying out a create a scent of Charlie Brown Christmas with Sugared Spruce. I have a feeling that this would be the ultimate Christmas Eve scent to have lit while eating dinner and sipping on some wine or hot chocolate while watching A Christmas Story!

All of these scents, along with over 700 other scents, are available on Victoria's website, For more suggestions and reviews I would check out her message board, The people are friendly and ready to help you  find your perfect scent. A great place to make new friends and share a common obsession... Candles By Victoria!

You will never find a candle better than Candles by Victoria. There are no others that are this highly scented, burn more cleanly, and have this large of a scent throw. Drop by her website and take a look around... you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Ooooohhhhh, I want all of them! This is my favorite time of year too. I ordered a few scent shot sampler packs . . . one of them being Christmas scents. Since CBV picks the scents I don't know what I'll be getting, and that makes it exciting. I hope I get some of these you have! My package should be here Monday. Yay!