Saturday, October 22, 2011

Desserts, Sweets, and Breakfast Goodies Never Smelled so Good. A Review of Bakery Scents by Candles by Victoria

Victoria's bakery scents are by far my most loved. They're unique, fun, realistic, and so good they are sure to put a smile on your face! With over 700 scents to choose from there is bound to be something for everyone... even in the bakery scents! So let's get started!

Hawaiian Hula Muffin: I have to admit, when I first received this candle, it smelled like the pineapple did not mesh well with the muffin scent. I decided to let it sit for awhile (so long in fact that I forgot I had it) and smell it again. I love this scent! It's a great one for spring and summer because of the pineapple. It reminds of a cake I bake... white cake soaked in pineapple juice and iced with whipped cream with pineapple chunks. A great sweet scent!

Bear Claws: One of the first ones I ever tried from Victoria! I smell a mild cinnamon with caramel and a bakery cake-like note. This is followed up by a very light raisin and nut scent. It has a great scent throw that lasts all day!

Peanut Butter Cookies: On cold throw, this one was not very impressive and seemed to have almost a play dough smell to it. But warm, it's absolutely awesome! Smells exactly like sweet peanut butter cookies right out of the oven. Great scent year round!

Bubbling Butterscotch Sundae: I have yet to burn this one but it smells fantastic! Extremely sweet butterscotch... perfection.

Brown Sugar Shortbread: When I first received this one, it almost smelled like nothing! After it has cured for about two weeks, it's very strong and I can not wait to burn it. The brown sugar scent is sweet and has a slight butteryness to it. The shortbread cookie smell adds to brown sugar's sweetness to give this scent a great sweet shortbread cookie smell with just a slight hint of maple.

Blueberry Cobbler: This scent has an extremely strong blueberry smell that is very sweet. So if you love blueberries, this one is definitely one you'll like. When smelling blueberry cobbler you get a background or bottom note of a crusty bakery note. It truly smells exactly like blueberry cobbler. Very strong scent thrower too. I would burn in a large room so it is not too overwhelming.

Pumpkin Frappuccino : I wanted to like this one more than I do. It's a good scent but not one of my loves. I smell pumpkin and coffee with cinnamon. Maybe if it was mixed with more of a creamy scent I would like it more and it may smell more like Starbuck's Pumpkin Frappuccino . Has a medium scent throw to me and would be great for fall.

Pumpkin Vanilla: A sweet pumpkin smell. I smell the vanilla first which almost overpowers the pumpkin but not exactly. The cinnamon in this is a red hot cinnamon but is very mild and accompanied with a light clove as well. A decent scent throw on this one.

Apricot Crumb Cake: I was on the fence about ordering this one so when I got it as my free scent shot I was very excited to try it. I love this one! It has a sweet juicy almost tart apricot fruit smell followed by a light sweet cake smell. The brown sugar almost gives it a coffee cake like smell without the cinnamon. Fantastic scent overall!

Marshmallow Campfire: A sweet creamy vanilla marshmallow smell that actually smells like it has been roasted. It does not have a burnt or "caught on fire" smell so don't get me wrong there. The "roasted" smell is very light but adds a lot of depth to the marshmallow scent. A great scent year round or when you have the urge to make smores or go camping!

Hello Dolly: my soon to be husband thought I was out of my mind the way I reacted to this candle. One of my favorites for sure! It has a rich chocolate fudge scent with sweet butterscotch and a very very light creamy coconut scent which, to me, doesn't really come out but makes it smell even sweeter and more decadent. A very strong scent thrower that will have you craving something sweet in a heartbeat!

Caramelized Pralines: A much loved scent by many, that has a strong scent throw. I smell a rich caramel first followed by a roasted nutty note. Another amazing scent.

Nutella: This one really does smell like Nutella! It's a little on the lighter side but you still get that amazing chocolate and hazelnut smell. Very nice!

Granny's Pie Crust: Oh my goodness! Another love of mine! I smell a rich flaky crust which is slightly sweet. Purdy good scent throw and this scent would be great for create a scents. I'd personally mix it with Hello Dolly for a decadent chocolate pie scent, or even Caramel Apple for a rich apple pie topped with caramel. Georgia Peach might also be a good one for a peach cobbler like smell.

Vanilla After Dark: If you love vanilla, this is a fantastic scent for you! It's not just a plain vanilla or a fake vanilla. It's vanilla with some added depth, sweet and the tiniest bit musky and woodsy. I love to light this in the bedroom very relaxing and homey.

Strawberry Danish: My husband to be fell in love with this one... I'm not quite sure about it yet but I haven't lit it either. It is very very sweet and the strawberry almost smells more jam like. It also has a very rich, buttery, salty bakery note. When I baked for the store I work at I used to bake all of the sweets. On cold throw this reminds me of the apple and cherry danish bites before they were actually baked.Very doughy. Hopefully when lit, it'll have more of a just out of the oven smell. I would imagine this has a very strong scent throw.

Pumpkin Pralines: A delicious pumpkin scent with no cinnamon but her carmalized pralines scent instead! I would definitely light this one during the fall season. The pumpkin is creamy and accented well by the caramel in the carmelized pralines. A delicious scent that is hard to resist!

The top bakery scents that I love and would suggest to everyone are Granny's Pie Crust, Hello Dolly, Vanilla After Dark, Pumpkin Pralines, Blueberry Cobbler, and Apricot Crumb Cake. My wish list for bakery scents is gigantic and growing all the time. Check these scents out and view Victoria's scent descriptions as well to see which ones you'd like. For more suggestions Victoria's message board is a great place to discover scents that you may be interested in... To views all the candles and scents Victoria has for sale, visit her website at

Do you have any favorite bakery scents from Candles by Victoria? I'd love to know, comment below!


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