Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Best Candles Hands Down

I wanted my first blog to be about something that has helped me a lot lately, as crazy as this may seem. I work third shift and I also have a two year old so sleep happens almost never and stress seems to take over a little too quickly. One thing that has always relaxed me since I was in my teens are candles. But I was never satisfied with the amount of scent that was given off by any of my candles. And I have bought many different brands of candles.

I love to watch youtube in my spare time and found a candle company that a lot of the girls who made videos found amazing. I figured it wouldn't hurt to check this company out, everyone deserves at least one chance. I had no clue that my idea of candles would soon be changed.

Candles By Victoria is the name of the company, based out of Texas, and extremely family oriented. The prices of the candles are a steal compared to other widely known candle companies. On top of the price of these candles being so great, the amount of different scents they offer are astounding.... over 700 scents! There truely is something for everyone and if you have any ideas for a personal scent you have one of two options... you can create a scent or email Victoria herself to see if she would be able to create one for you.

From tarts to small jar candles, and very large candles to different types of jars, she also has a sweet treat line and comfort candles to choose from. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this company. The first time I visited the website I was in utter shock at all the options you can choose from. And the fact that the candles were not poured until you had made your order was really great to hear. Just knowing it hadn't sat on a shelf for six months before I bought it made me feel like the candles couldn't have been any less than that of bigger companies.

So I made my first order, a rather large order, and soon after a second. These candles are by far the best in the business and I believe no one would be disappointed by them. These candles are triple scented and strongly scented at that. As long as you read the description of the scent, you really can't mess up an order.

So far, out of the around 50 I have tried, I do have some favorites already....

My top three that I can't really rank in any order because they are all so awesome are:

Granny's Pie Crust
Hello Dolly
Caramel Apple
These scents will always be in my home and I will never be without them.

Some other scents that are enjoyed are:
Georgia Peach
Apple Jack-n-Peel (My fiancee's favorite)
Raspberry Guava
Vanilla After Dark
Bella Swan
Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread

This company is definately worth checking out... with a flat rate shipping fee of $8.50 no matter how big the order and the fact she always has a sale of at least 10% off makes these candles an even better deal! I have a rather open house and one candle will scent my whole kitchen, living room, sun room, and dining room with no problem. Yall should definately check this site out if you're into candles like I am!

Scent descriptions of my favorite and also not so favorite scents will be available shortly... I hope yall enjoy the fall season as much as I do!

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